Green Forest
“Green space” is the absolutely desirable good for the citizen of Athens. But, what is “green space”: is it trees, bushes, plants, water surfaces, colors, shade, the rustle of leaves, nature in the city, the city’s opposite? Omonoia is not the typical urban recreation space but rather the exemplary space of ephemeral collectivity in contemporary, multicultural Athens. Combining green space and contemporary city, we propose an installation of 5 extra-large double-sided 24m-long and 12m-high LCD screens that depict different images of green spaces. The top edges of the screens undulate like the trees’ leafage, while their crests fold like those of trees that recede to the blowing wind and throw a shadow on the soil. Omonoia becomes a polymorphous, lit green forest with open and enclosed areas, “clearings” and spaces where one can rest below the “trees.” Images change creating new forests, different weather conditions, different seasons and hours of the day.

Architect: Yannis Aesopos
_Collaborating architects: Harris Biskos, Maria Dede _